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Call me Pixel Pusher

My name is Francois-Xavier Manceau. I am currently a Product Designer at Herve Studio. I am also a Film Photographer and a 5th year student at HETIC. Since this past year, I am on a journey to switch from digital studies to photography studies. I'm currently looking for a 1-year apprenticeship in Paris in the photography field.

Since my youngest age, I am passionate about creation in general. I enjoy working on various subjects with various ways of creation, especially with real-life ones.

Before switching to Photography, I had the chance to be a Creative Developer Intern at STINK STUDIOS NYC, P2MV and as a Freelancer. These experience brought me timeliness, effiency, professionalism and better working abilities.

Portrait of François-Xavier Manceau


Product Designer

Herve Studio

June 2021 - Currently

Product Designer





2020 - Currently

Creative Developer


2018 - 2020

Creative Developer Intern


April - July 2020

Creative Developer Intern


March - April 2020

UX/UI Designer & Developer


July - October 2019

What Ilistendefines whoI am

Music is an important thing in my life. My personality and creative spirit is constantly influenced by the environment around me, but mainly by the music I listen to. The rhythm and the type of sounds in the music control my personal mood and help me to visualize images, colors and movements that I then transcribe in my creations.

By the way, my biggest dream is to work on Art Direction for Music albums and shows. So if you want to help me realise this dream, feel free to send me some sweet words!